That Certain Story

Ever hear a story on the news or read something in the paper that you can’t believe really happened?  For example the very idea that self-driving cars are a real thing is amazing to all who grew up driving a “four on the floor” stick shift vehicle.  It is hard to believe that they are real.  And heaven knows that today’s news is filled with stories that make your mouth hang open.  Turns out the Bible has a bunch of very strange stories too — stories that it is hard to make sense out of and yet stories that speak to the strange times we are all living in.  Welcome to our new worship series “That Certain Story” a look at some of the strangest stories in the Bible that especially speak into our lives today.  An ancient priest-king, a talking donkey, liars who paid a price and on and on — we will travel strange roads together and let the Spirit speak into our strange lives today.