Living with Kingdom Joy – Philippians


What is the difference between happiness and joy? Happiness is a fleeting emotion based on external circumstances. But true joy is different. It is something from within. It’s a deep abiding peace and a sense of contentment and strength that is due to something internal.

The book of Philippians will be our study guide to understanding true joy. Paul mentions joy repeatedly. This is even more amazing when you realize that while Paul is writing these words of joy he is in prison in Rome and chained to a Roman guard!

Many of us, we endure life rather than enjoy life. The Bible says that God created us to be joyful people. But for many, joy is lacking because we don’t understand how God wants to bring joy into lives.

Beginning Sunday, June 10, we will discover what “Living With Kingdom Joy” means in four areas of our lives: relationships, circumstances, attitudes, and reaching our God-given potential in life. Join others who are hungry for true joy!