MSM Mission Trip Prayer Partner Sign-Ups

Date: July 17, 2019

Every year, a wonderful component of our mission trip is pairing up each participant with a prayer partner that will pray specifically for them, their experience and the growth that will take place in their walk with Jesus! This year, we’ll be traveling to the Minneapolis area from July 23-28th to serve the community there through various local ministries. Please consider being a prayer partner for one or more of the students and adult leaders that are participating this year. The list of students and adults you can sign up to pray for is below.

We will have a prayer gathering to meet the student or adult you sign up for on Wednesday, July 17th at 7:15 p.m. At that time, we ask that you bring a small gift bag with items that would bless your prayer partner on the bus ride or trip, (i.e. prayer journal, candy, gum, travel game, cards, stick sun block, notes of encouragement or any other fun items that would be an encouragement), meet with your prayer partner and also spend some time learning about the trip and receiving prayer requests! *If, for some reason you are unable to make the send-off, you may still sign up to serve as a prayer partner.*

Thanks for considering being a prayer partner for this life-changing trip. You can sign up below, this Sunday in the Welcome Center, call the church office at 402-333-6120 or email

Sign up below...

What Name
What Name
Aaron Willems - adult#1: Sign up »
Amy Shafer - adult#1: Sign up »
Derek Varilek - adult #1: Paula E.
Jim Wagner - adult #1: Matthew R.
Kara Willems - adult #1: Todd L.
Kylie Wagner - adult #1: Amber G.
Lori Bruner - adult #1: Amy T.
Mac Stewart - adult#1: Sign up »
Abbi James#1: Sign up »
Abby Turpen#1: Sign up »
Adam Olijnek#1: Sign up »
Addy Ebke#1: Sign up »
Addyson Connolly #1: Michelle G.
Amber Knapp #1: Cindy B.
Anna Watts#1: Sign up »
Ava Dyas#1: Sign up »
Ava Fuller #1: Stephanie P.
Brayden Schuiteman#1: Sign up »
Caleb McIvor #1: Susan G.
Carson Muhs#1: Sign up »
Christian Haack#1: Sign up »
Claire Miller#1: Sign up »
Cole Fritz#1: Sign up »
Devin Dyas#1: Sign up »
Drew Miller#1: Sign up »
Elizabeth Gunn#1: Sign up »
Emerson Fitzpatrick#1: Sign up »
Emerson Pierce#1: Sign up »
Emme Spetman #1: Nancy W.
Grace Van Riesen #1: Michelle G.
Hannah Meyer#1: Sign up »
Hannah Reed #1: Jean M.
Isaac Thomas #1: Steph V.
Jaden Sumners #1: Debbie K.
Jocelyn Dokter #1: Kim W.
Johanna Frandeen#1: Sign up »
Jolee Kinser#1: Sign up »
Jordyn Stierman#1: Sign up »
Kailee Eisma#1: Sign up »
Kate Lichtenberger #1: Emily R.
Libby Turpen#1: Sign up »
Lily Hall #1: Carolyn L.
Logan Shafer#1: Sign up »
Maddie Saub#1: Sign up »
Maddux Eckles#1: Sign up »
Nathaniel Howell#1: Sign up »
Roman Mitchell#1: Sign up »
Sebastian Vander Zwaag#1: Sign up »
Tessa Sanwick #1: Jim F.
Titus Willems #1: Linda G.