High School Ministry Leaders

Quinn Tirrel

High School Ministry Leader

Email: Quinn@westwoodchurch.net

Cell Phone: 402-250-9652

Years leading High School Ministry: This is my sixth year leading High School Ministry. I’m thankful for the opportunity to work with such an awesome group of leaders and such a great group of high school students. Looking forward to another great year of high school ministry!

Ideal Saturday: My ideal Saturday would have to be in the fall, because it includes an early morning hunting trip to the woods or the field, and then heading home to enjoy some time with the family watching college football.  An end of the day steak dinner wouldn’t hurt either.


Lydia Tirrel

Email: lydia.tirrel@gmail.com

Cell phone: 402-350-1545

Years Leading High School Ministry: Fourth year!

Ideal Saturday: My ideal Saturday would include family time outside, ice cream and scrapbooking!  🙂

Maggi Amos

Email: mamos@nechristian.edu

Cell Phone: 712-789-1706

Years Leading High School Ministry:  Third Year!

Ideal Saturday: My ideal Saturday would start with sleep. As a college student I value my sleep, any amount that I can get. Then my day would be spent hanging out with friends and family cooking, baking and playing board games (Monopoly, Dominion, Risk, Settlers of Catan, Dutch Blitz, etc.)  from dusk till dawn.  ; )

Sallye Lee


Years Leading High School Ministry: Eight years!

Ideal Saturday: Get up to a quiet house and drink coffee with Sean, then spend the rest of the day hanging out with my family- Sean, Meridyth, and Hadyn –either hanging out at home or doing something fun in Omaha.

Tucker Wheeler

Email: jtwheelers269@cox.net

Cell Phone: 402-658-1675

Years Leading High School Ministry:  Nine years.

Ideal Saturday: My perfect Saturday would include a big breakfast with my family at home, some yard work, an old movie on TV followed by a nap.  Then a movie with my family, a trip to the zoo, a cookout with my family, playtime with my German Shepard Griffin and with my kids, concluding with some time alone with my wife Sandy.

Jenn VanCleve

Email: rdvhusker@aol.com

Cell Phone: 402-740-6369

Years Leading High School Ministry: This is my fourth year leading high school ministry, but I had a number of these students as preschool students.  I’ve been with Westwood for over 15 years.

Ideal Saturday:  An ideal Saturday is what we lovingly call a “crumb bum” Satrurday.  We stay in our pj’s and chill.  We watch movies, talk, play dominoes and hang out.  It never happens these days, but when we can pull one off, it is heaven!

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