5 year old

The High 5 program prepares each child for the critical transition from preschool to kindergarten. The program assures that each child will be ready for the academic and social challenges of the kindergarten classroom. Our weekly structured curriculum focuses on developing, sharpening and reinforcing art, science, math, writing, reading and social skills. Our teachers help to strengthen each child’s decision making and self-help skills in a safe supportive classroom environment.


The High 5 classroom is set up to allow preschoolers to involve themselves in independent decision making in their classroom. The children can explore dramatic play, literary activities, discovery science projects, a quiet reading area and a building and construction area.

Safety and Training

Our teachers, highly educated and qualified, are certified in CPR and First Aide.


Hearts & Minds knows how important it is to keep the parents involved in their child’s daily activities, development and milestones. That’s why we provide you with the following:

  • Parent-teacher conferences once a year
  • The building of personal relationships with each family
  • Encouraging daily/weekly calls or emails from parents to our teachers to support communication
  • Open door facility; we promote parent visits to the center at anytime to observe or participate in their child’s day.


9:00/12:20    Arrival Work    /Pledge of Allegiance
9:10/12:30    Bible Story/Prayer Time/Calendar
9:35/12:55    Curriculum (Core Subject)
10:00/1:20    Centers
10:20/1:40    Snack
10:35/1:55    Curriculum (Core Subject)
11:00/2:20    Recess/Large Motor
11:15/2:35    Story time
11:35/2:55    Dismissal