Go to any restaurant or coffee shop or bar and what will you see?  Mostly you’ll see groups of people sitting around good food and good coffee engaged in conversation.  Some of those conversations will be light and there will be a lot of laughing.  Some will be deep and there will be intensity in the words.  Most will be somewhere in between. Most adults best engage and best learn within the stream of conversation.  CoffeeTalk is our way of wading into that stream with an eye toward faith intersecting with everyday life.  So you’re invited to grab a seat in room 402 (just off the Coffee Bar area) with your closest friends or some new friends and talk about things that matter.  This isn’t a class – it’s a space for discussion.  You will learn from each other as you both share and listen.

Very little structure. Good coffee. Rich engaging conversation about things that matter.  That’s CoffeeTalk.

Adult Sunday School Class 2018-2019: The Faith of King David and the Great Commission

Chris Zangari will be leading a bible study in room 400 (diagonal from the kitchen) focused on David’s Psalms and the book of Acts. Join us for an in-depth study of these portions of scripture and some great discussion about how they intersect with life today.

The Reason for God Class

On Sunday, January 13 we start a 6-week class called The Reason for God. Each week there is a video-based conversation led by Pastor and Author Tim Keller where he thoughtfully and respectfully engages a handful of people who do not hold to the Christian faith and are willing to talk more about some of their objections to it. Before and after the video Pastor Quinn facilitates additional conversation about the day’s topic.

Family First Sundays

On the first Sunday of every month we want to do all we can to empower families to worship together. So, on those Family First Sundays, we won’t have our usual lineup of adult discipleship opportunities at 9:45. For questions, please contact the church office at 402-333-6120.

For more information on Family First Sundays, please go HERE.