Westwood Church is thrilled to be a partner with Abide, an Omaha ministry engaged in transforming broken communities in our city. For more information on Abide, check out their website here:  www.abideomaha.com

And contact Westwood’s liaison to Abide, Jennifer Decker here:  thedeckers@cox.net or call the church office and we’ll put you in touch with her.

Volunteer opportunities include activities in our adopted neighborhood as well as community-wide events, which typically take place at Abide’s “Better Together Campus” at 3223 N 45th Street in Omaha.

As always, we ask that you pray for Omaha, for North Omaha, for our adopted neighborhood, and the Abide’s impact on our city.  We pray, along with Abide, that one day, Omaha will no longer have an “inner city” and that crime, poverty and hopelessness cease to dominate the lives of anyone in our town.