COVID-19 Update –March 31, 2020

Hello Westwood Family,

            I want to say thank you to all of you who have posted pictures or sent encouraging messages about our “At Home Worship” services.  We’ve received a ton of positive feedback and we appreciate it.  Of course, we are open to any constructive suggestions also because we are all new at this.  I’ve said this a few times, when I graduated from seminary I never expected to become the producer of an hour-long television show but that’s what has happened (sort of).  By the way, if you missed on of the services or one of the videos in the services you can get those at our YouTube channel, Westwood Church Omaha.  Hit that up.  Subscribe if you want.  We are deep into planning for our services for Holy Week.  We’ll have an update for you on that next week but we are hoping to try some special things.

            Thought I would update you on how our amazing staff are doing maintaining great ministry in their areas.  If you have been watching Michelle and Kara’s response to worship videos you know that Michelle is reaching out to kids and parents in lots of different ways, including responding to letters and cards.  She is also planning for a special Easter surprise for our kids.  Kara has been using the church’s Zoom account to hold middle school and high school gatherings of various types with a fair amount of success.  She is also dealing a long list of cancelled or “needs to be rescheduled” events (Trivia Night, the Auction, Night at the Oscars for Seniors to name a few).  Of course, we can’t even begin to reschedule those events until we know how long we are going to be “social distancing.”  Todd has been very busy getting our At Home Worship services ready.  He is heavily involved with the initial recording and is doing all the editing himself.  So that’s a big job.  Quinn is continuing to hold appointments and various meetings, again using Zoom.  He is also preaching on Palm Sunday and is planning a really cool Bible Study event for Good Friday so watch for that.  Deb has been working hard to support her staff at Hearts & Minds and planning for the day when we can reopen.  Our hope is to support that staff with at least partial salary as long as we can.  And I am working to orchestrate all that madness as well as preaching, teaching via video and continuing to connect with folks.  We are trying hard to regularly connect with our senior citizens who are even more isolated.  Connie, along with doing staff office support from home, is heading that charge.  So, you can see, that our staff is as busy as ever, all be it in very different ways. 

            Which is why we are so grateful for your continued financial support of this ministry.  Whether you are sending your gift via the postal mail or are doing one of our online giving options, I want to personally thank you for making Westwood a priority in this difficult time.  As I have mentioned before most of our regular expenses continue on during this time and your support enables us to keep our staff working and our ministries functioning.  We are very grateful.  If you haven’t yet signed up for our digital giving options, I’m attaching a couple of links that will help you do so.

            Well this week is “At Home Palm Sunday.”  We are busy planning it right now and I’m excited for us to experience it together, at home.  One thing we would LOVE you to do is to download and print the palm graphic below. Then your kids, OR YOU, can print it, color it, cut it out and have it ready to wave when you worship with At Home Worship on Sunday. Here’s the link:

Keep safe my friends.  Call, email or text if we can serve you in any way.


Pastor Scott

PS:                  Links I mentioned:  Online Text to Give    Online Giving

Link to my video update for the week: