Taking Up Blogging #22

June, 2017


Worship Survey…


As many of you know one of our spring projects was to conduct a fairly extensive review of our worship services.  Our motivation to do this didn’t come from any problem or issue that we were having but from a desire to never stop getting better even in an area that we consider a strength.  Worship is just so vital to the life of any church that we never, ever, want to take it for granted.  So we polled the congregation at Westwood and we brought in a couple of “secret worshippers” who have some expertise in worship planning and execution to evaluate us.  And we learned a lot – here’s a list of general learnings:


  1. The Worship Survey results were, by in large, very positive so we are tweaking what we do, not making wholesale changes. If we were grading the results, like a teacher in a school would, we would have a B+ to A- grade over all.  I never got those kinds of good grades when I was a student.  So thanks!


  1. There was wide, across the board, support for our teaching and preaching ministries.  So we feel like we are on the right track there –but we will always strive for excellence.


  1. There was also very good support for the music ministry part of our worship experiences, both in the classic and the contemporary services. There was a great deal of appreciation for the skill of our musicians and vocalists and the energy they bring to worship leading.


  1. There was a feeling that we could back a way, a bit, from the “concert feel” that our contemporary services sometimes have. To that end we are being more subtle with the lighting and stage effects.


  1. There was also support for singing a broader base of music in our contemporary services, to keep our general contemporary song selection but to regularly mix in a hymn (older song) done in a contemporary fashion.


  1. The choir is still very popular and in fact we are going to emphasize the choir a bit more next year.


  1. And lastly, we are looking for ways to make the seating in our worship center a more convenient and a bit less awkward. A lot of that is to try to build the attendance at our 8:30 and 11 services so that the 9:45 service is not as full.  This is the service where we get the majority of our guest families and so we want seating at that service to be easy.  So we’re working on this.


Now that’s not an exhaustive list – but it is a beginning of our continued strategy to do worship well, not just so that we grow, not just so that we enjoy but so that God is pleased and His Name is raised high.  Thanks for being a part of that.



Pastor Scott