Let’s Journey Together!

Over the course of my lifetime I’ve had many opportunities to travel, both inside of the United States and abroad.  A long trip is an interesting animal.  For me there is the anticipation and joy of beginning a trip and I REALLY enjoy getting home from a trip.  But in the middle somewhere I almost always think “Why did I do this?”  Being on a long trip can be inconvenient and it isn’t ALWAYS exciting.  One has to adjust their life a bit.  But it is usually so worth it because you get to see new places and meet new people and generally enlarge your view of our world.

            On our Kick Off Sunday, August 16th, we invited you to go on a journey of a different sort with us —  a journey through the Bible.  We have issued a challenge to the entire Westwood Church community to read through the Bible in one year using the “Read Through the Bible” app from the good folks at the Bible Project (thebibleproject.com).  The app is for your smart phone, those of you still “flipping” your phone are out of luck on the app, and it works on either on an android or an apple.  It is an amazing way to both read the entire Bible AND see videos that help us understand what we are reading.  

            There is just something special about reading through the entire Bible.  We get a sense of how God’s story is connected and how it connects with our lives.  We understand God more and we see how God has working in the lives of men and women throughout the ages.  It gives us an enlarged view of the entirety of the Bible. It isn’t always easy.  We have to discipline our lives a bit more.  It can be inconvenient and not every section of the Bible is exciting to read.  But it is SO worth it. 

            So here’s another invitation to join us on our journey through God’s Word.  If you want to use the “Read Through the Bible” app all the information you need is on our website (www.westwoodchurch.net) under the “Sundays” tab.  On that same page is a screen copy of the reading plan for you to use or even print and put in your Bible. 

            If you didn’t start with us at the end of August – it is NOT TOO LATE!  Just start where we are now (towards the end of Exodus) or start at Genesis 1 and catch up.  Remember whatever you do read is better than what you don’t.   This is a journey that we want EVERYONE to take with us.   Should be fun.

Traveling With You,

Pastor Scott