In With the New!

I have always found the week between Christmas and New Years to be a strange time.  It seems like you barely catch your breath after a big Christmas celebration and it is time to gear up for another – the celebration of a year that has past and the opportunities ahead in a new year to come.  Christmas is all about family and tradition and the past.  The New Year is all about friends and newness and future.  Usually, sometime during this transition week I sit for a bit and wonder what the new year will hold for Westwood Church.  But if my years as senior pastor here have taught me anything, it is that I can’t usually guess.  Every year things happen that I can’t and don’t anticipate.  I would guess that’s true in all of our lives.  But I don’t fret that reality anymore. I don’t know what 2019 holds for Westwood but I know who holds 2019 AND Westwood and that’s enough

I also know that we are going to continue to be the church that God has called us to be.  We are going to continue to emphasize the Scripture in our Read through the Bible in a Year plan. This would be a great time for you to jump on board if you want to join us call or email and we’ll help you.  The Scripture will also continue to be taught in worship and in lots of classes for all ages.  We are a people built on God’s Word and that’s not going to change.  We are also going to continue to focus on kids and families.  For as long as I can remember Westwood has been a church where boys and girls, students and parents, are celebrated.   That’s not going to change.  We are also going to keep on being a church where “one heart at a time” matters.  We want to be a high touch, loving community where people are accepted as they are and pointed to Jesus.  So that’s not going to change either.

But change of some sort is inevitable; it is life.  So we are going to be open to the adventures the Holy Spirit has in store for us.  We are asking questions about our Sunday morning worship schedule – is our current timing working for us?  We are wondering what  a second campus in another part of Omaha might be like.  We are looking for ways to maximize this wonderful facility God has given us.  We are trying to solve the puzzle of vastly fluctuating worship attendance numbers with no real rhyme or reason.   We are thinking hard about the best way to lead adults into a committed life of discipleship.  We are continuing to look for ways to serve our neighborhood, our city and our world in the Name of Jesus.  Now any or all of those may mean some change in how we do things here at Westwood in 2019, or maybe none of them will.  I assure you of this, we are not going to do anything rash or without thought and prayer.  But we are also going to be open to the Spirit leading us down different pathways, into different opportunities.  Pray with us that we follow God’s leading.

I am sure of this, 2019 will be a great year here at Westwood because our church is dominated by the greatness of our God.  Thanks for taking this ride with me. 

Pastor Scott