Remembering Who We Are


Taking Up Blogging #31

June, 2019                  

Well it’s VBS week again and I’m not going to lie – it is a big week for our staff and volunteers.  A ton of work and love go into this week and it shows.  I just have a small part to play so I get to watch it all happen a bit and one of my favorite things about VBS week is that it reminds me, reminds us, of who we are – at our core.  One of our central values here at Westwood Church is excellence in children’s ministry.  We believe that God has equipped us in unique ways to reach out to little hearts and minds with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  As a part of our regular ministry, we do that in lots of ways: Sunday School, Wednesday Night Live, Family First Sundays, Children’s Worship, Hearts & Minds – and more.  There is a long list of how we prioritize children’s ministry.  If you look at our facility use, our budget, our staffing choices, our time allocation you will see that children and youth – families – are highly valued here.

      And nothing shows that better that VBS.  The sheer number of volunteers who give a week of their lives to kids is amazing.  The care they put into their room decorations, their lesson plans and crafts and recreation, the opening program and snacks is so inspiring.  The way that kids and parents rave about our VBS week is humbling.  This, folks, is WHO we are.  We are a church that will always make kids and youth front in center in how we go about living out the Great Commission and I couldn’t be prouder of that fact.

      So to our staff who work so hard; to our volunteers who bring it every day; to all the folks who work in front of kids and behind the scenes can I just say a heartfelt “Thank you.”  Watching VBS happen is like looking in the mirror as a church – it reminds us who God made us to be.  We will always be a church that values young hearts and minds, always.  And I love that fact.

Loving Kids and Families,

Pastor Scott