It is time again to ask the congregation of Westwood to please submit the names of members of Westwood you feel God might be calling to serve.

We will have the following Consistory offices open:

  • Co-Vice President of Consistory
  • Clerk of the Consistory
  • Shepherding Elder (looking to fill 11 spots)
 A reminder that current Consistory members or former Consistory members who have ended their terms in 2018 or 2019 are NOT eligible to serve.  Also only official members of Westwood can serve on Consistory.  Final elections will be held at the Annual Meeting of Westwood Church on November 24th.

Please note:  The following individuals are currently serving on the Consistory and are not available to nominate to open positions:

Cindy BoettnerLee JohnsonTodd Schuiteman
Sara BurggraafKarl KnoepflerDrew Schultz
Scott ChristiansenColleen KorverBethyl Schussler
Kay De BoerDebbie KramerGrandjudy Slater
Jennifer DeckerLynda LairdDawn Stapleton
Paula EastmanSean LeeEzra Strubbe
Traci EcklesCarolyn LennardLaura Strubbe
Nathan EssinkJoyce MilroyQuinn Tirrel
Jean FaberPat MurphyMike Van Riesen
Marianne FosterDebbie PacesJanelle Van Riesen
Tiffany FullerLisa PierceKris Vander Zwaag
Adam GravedoniKimberly RomkemaSteph Varilek
Laura GravedoniShelly RozeboomBlanche Vlieger
Michelle GunnMatthew RozeboomTucker Wheeler
Steve JohnsonEmily RozeboomAaron Willems
Clarice Zomer

Here’s some information you might need before you fill out your nomination form:



  • The Co-Vice President of Consistory (Pastor Quinn also serves as Vice President) helps lead the Executive Committee and the Consistory as a whole. This person should be an elder with long experience with the church and with leadership within the church.
  • The Clerk of the Consistory is an elder whose duties include the keeping of the minutes of the Consistory and serving as a voting member of the Executive Committee. Detailed and focused are traits that are needed in this position.
  • The Shepherding Elder is responsible for the spiritual needs of the Westwood Church community, during their normal life, during their special needs and/or crisis situation, through spiritual support, counsel, prayer, and caring. They will have the care and responsibility for 10 or so individual families within the Westwood community. We are looking to elect 11 new Shepherding Elders