What is the Greater Harvest Project?

The Greater Harvest Project is a facilities expansion plan that will add more children, youth and fellowship space to our current facility.

Before we take on such a big project, is the church currently debt free?

Yes, God provided the resources in our The Crossing campaign to completely pay off our debt so we’ve been debt free as a church for several months now.

Why are we considering building on to our current facility?

We believe that if we can expand our ability to reach kids, youth and families, both in our Hearts & Minds Early Childhood Program (Mom’s Day Out and Preschool), our regular children’s ministry and our youth ministry that we can both grow our church and Jesus’ Kingdom.  In short we want to create more space to do what God seems to have uniquely called and gifted us to do best, reach kids and families for Jesus.

Does this mean we are going to just be a church for kids and young families?

Of course not.  Westwood’s make-up isn’t going to change a lot.  In fact, if anything, we hope to be MORE diverse.  When you reach out to more families you get an opportunity to grow more diverse ethnically which always makes us stronger.  And when you reach kids and families you also impact grandmas and grandpas, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters.  Family is multi-generational and Westwood will continue to be also.


Why are we not building more worship center space.  If we grow a lot won’t our worship center be too small. 

First of all, we hope so.  What a great problem to have.  However we are not adding worship space at this time for several reasons:

  1. We just rebuilt our worship center a few years ago to achieve a more intimate environment for worship and it worked well. We don’t want to mess up that dynamic.
  1. We believe that we can accommodate a lot more worshipers by simply adding services.
  1. If and when our current worship space isn’t adequate we’ll have options to either expand it or to go to a multi-site format which many churches use today with great effectiveness.

Why are we not building a gym?

We decided that, while a gym space would be really great, it wasn’t the MOST important space we needed to add.  We need kids space, youth space and WNL meal space more than we need a gym.  With building costs as they are we had to make some choices and a gym didn’t make the cut in this project.  If we raise more than we plan we will reconsider building the gym.

How much will the Greater Harvest Project cost?

We are committed to keeping the cost of the project at 3.5 million dollars or less.

Can a church of our size support that ambitious of a fundraising campaign? 

We believe we can.  If everyone gives in a sacrificial way we believe that God will provide the resources we need to see this dream fulfilled.  It is a big faith step but that’s part of the point, if we don’t step out in faith and instead only do what we know we can handle without God working, how have we really allowed God to do something special?   We want to build EVERYTHING God wants us to build and not one inch more.  So God will have to provide the resources through His people to do this.

What is the plan to support the utilities and maintenance of a new facility of that size?

Our belief is that our Hearts & Minds ministry (Mom’s Day Out and Preschool) will grow enough to play a major role in supporting the regular costs of the new space.  We also believe that our church will grow numerically and as more families become involved with Westwood our general fund giving will increase.  Do we KNOW this will be true?  Of course not, but that’s what faith is, right? It’s acting on what you believe but can’t prove.

Are we building a new commercial kitchen?

Yes and no.  We are NOT building a brand new kitchen, unfortunately.  But we are going to completely rehab and enlarge our current kitchen to make it much more useful to our ministry today. So it will be MUCH closer to a commercial kitchen than it is right now.

If you have questions that we haven’t covered please email them to scott@westwoodchurch.net and we’ll do our best to either answer your question directly, or possibly even add your question to our Greater Harvest Project FAQ list.

What is our current status on our fundraising goals?

The congregation and consistory clearly said that in order to “green light” any GHP building project we needed to meet 2 goals:

  • A Reserve Fund for the GHP $200,000
  • Pledges of 2 million with $300,000 payable within the next two years

As of today we have met our fundraising goals and secured a very friendly loan from the Reformed Church Building Fund.