We hope you will attend a Greater Harvest Information Session.  There are ONLY 3 left, all on Sundays: September  27th Brunch at 9:45 am (during 2nd Service), same date at Lunch at 11:00 am (during 3rd Service), and Dessert on October 4th at 6:30 pm.   Please choose one and let us know you are going to be there.

Remember, the size of the gift isn’t as important as your willingness to sacrifice for the sake of the Kingdom of Jesus.  Please attend no matter how much, if any, you feel you can contribute to the Greater Harvest Project.  It is going to take gifts of all sizes, small and large, to make this dream become a reality.  So hear about this project — you’ll love what God is doing at Westwood!


Tracks who will attend which of the last 3 dessert options.