Westwood visited Cazale, Haiti for the first time in November of 2009 in collaboration with Artists For Hope and Real Hope For Haiti. We have returned every year since. Real Hope For Haiti is run by the Zachary family who have lived in Haiti since 1994. RHFH is made up of a Rescue Center that cares for on average 65 severely malnourished and injured children and a Medical Clinic that works tirelessly to care for people from all over the mountains of Haiti. They also have a Cholera Hospital to serve and heal people in the area since the recent epidemic.

Our teams that visit Haiti try to relieve the burden of the huge amount of work that goes into running the Rescue Center and Clinic in Cazale. We do whatever is asked of us to help. The days are long and busy and we are blessed with getting to spend time with the sweet children that are being cared for at the Rescue Center.

We are blessed to be a part of RHFH’s mission in Haiti and would love your prayers for their missionaries and the people and children they are caring for.