Embrace Teachers Mission

Oak Valley Elementary School
Celebrating teachers on the front lines in the heart of our city.

Embrace Teachers is an outreach ministry to bless and honor our teachers.  Westwood members have the opportunity to  become involved in the community with their gifts and talents by providing/delivering meals, notes of encouragement, special treats, cleaning products and service, and ongoing  prayer support throughout the school year.

If you have a heart for teachers, there are a variety of ways in which you can serve:

  • Prayer leader – A person who will oversee prayer for the teaching staff of Oak Valley Elementary School.
  • Encouragement Writer – Offer touches of encouragement to teachers through personal notes written regularly by several people.
  • Arts & Crafts person – A person who loves to make crafty projects, loves to look for craft ideas, and/or would love to lead a group of crafters to bless teachers.
  • Food person – A person who loves to be creative with food and will build a team of others to bless teachers with food throughout the school year.
  • Wish list administration – A person who would administrate the collection and distribution of items and volunteers from the congregation to the teachers.

Family First Service Sundays

On the first Sunday of each month Westwood focuses on families by asking whole families to worship together and by offering a family based, church wide neighborhood missions project.  Want to know what the next project is?  Give our office a call at 402-333-6120.


LifeHouse Partnership

Westwood Church, in partnership with Prairie Lane Christian Reformed Church, has opened a neighborhood food bank.  The LifeHouse Partnership is located at 11806 Prairie Lane Drive, Omaha, NE 68144.  Our prayer is that we can serve families in the larger neighborhoods around our two churches who are in need of basic food supplies.  Need help?  Check out the LifeHouse Partnership’s Facebook page for more information.

Habitat for Humanity

“Seeking to put God’s love into action, Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope.”

Westwood Church joined forces with Habitat For Humanity Omaha in 1996 and was assigned to the Faithful Builders Coalition to work with 10 other Omaha Christian Churches located in central and west Omaha.

The goal of the Coalition is to build or completely remodel a home each year with the financial help of each coalition church plus the help of volunteer workers from the coalition churches and Habitat For Humanity Omaha.  Thrivent Financial Services has also been very generous in the financial support of the coalition as well as Habitat For Humanity in general.

In 2013 the Faithful Builders Coalition celebrated the completion of it’s 20th home.
Each year a partner family is chosen by the Habitat For Humanity Family Selection Committee to purchase the completed house.  The partner family must also complete the required volunteer sweat equity hours in order to qualify.
The construction period usually starts in August and lasts until mid to late fall.  Sign-up for volunteers begins in July.   Dedicating the house with the partner family is the high point of the year for the coalition churches!
An opportunity to participate in the financial aspect of building the home is given through a quarterly mission offering at Westwood Church.


Set me Free Ministries

Our ministry is committed to teaching people how to live victoriously on a daily basis. Our goal is to help you get everything out of life that Christ has to offer.

Westwood is blessed by having a personal connection with Set Me Free Ministries. One of our members, Stephanie Olson, is one of the founders and continues to lead this highly impactful and life changing  ministry.

Set Me Free Ministries began as a desire to see Christians put down the facade of “being religious” and truly be “real” with both Christians and non-Christians alike—the idea of a world in which Christians live by the fruit of the spirit and walk in love. Years later that desire was combined with a deep burden for women (and men) who find themselves in spiritual bondage. This bondage may be huge, such as abuse or alcoholism, or it may be what some might consider smaller, such as being a mom and struggling with coping day to day with the kids.

Set Me Free Ministries has a burden for those who need to understand that although salvation is a gift, living your life in victory takes work, and it can only be done by turning your life and will completely over to Christ. So often, we are taught that Christ can set us free, but we are not always taught how that happens. So how do we walk in victory?

If you would like more information on how you can be a part of this awesome ministry, please check out their Website: Set Me Free Ministries


Interested in becoming involved in one of these local missions?

Please contact: scott@westwoodchurch.net